• Did you know?
    30-40 seconds is all it takes to earn or lose a potential investor.

  • Here’s
    the crux,

  • Your Pitch is like the first date
    A great ‘Impression’ is a must

In this hullaballoo of ‘Big Investors', how well can you effect an interest from the ‘Big Guys’  into your idea and convince them to invest in your product?

Our offerings

We do provide a synergetic platform where you can connect with our resources, talent and tools to grow your idea and scale your business.

  • Pitch Deck Design

    Is your work cut out, crafting the perfect Presentation?
    Cut the slack, erase your stress with our on-time pitch decks, adding an edge to your marketing and sales channel.

  • Custom PowerPoint Templates

    The usual is boring. You want something classy, professional, creative yet simple as a custom template. No more white elephant scenarios, as we provide customizable and easy to use power point templates, packaged with all you are looking for.

  • Print Ready

    Ready. Typeset. Print! Drive your Brand Engagement past the closed deals. Get high resolution Pitch decks in printable formats and extend your Brand value with great clarity.

  • Infographics

    Now present information in a creative, colorful graphic format. We boil down your ideas to its elemental best, infuse life through a visual punch and add clarity by eliminating the information overload.

How it works

Get in touch

Share your business story over a cup of coffee or with a call. Either way, its quick, easy, and reliable.

Provide us with your skeleton brief of your product

A brief interaction with key stake holders at your company would do good.

We get our tools out and begin to sketch your idea

With our pool of skilled designers and experienced consultants, you can collaborate with us to get the best idea on print.

We will forward our custom-made product for a trial

You can either select the existing template listed on the site or have your own, as per your corporate theme.

Give us a thumbs up and we deliver the final product

Your winning pitch is the presentation of our capabilities. We feel happy when our customers shine at the big events.


Make the right choice with Pitch Deck & Beyond

Move fast

Save time, deliver fast with
our pool of tools, resources and experienced presentation designers

Quality control

Adhere to your corporate theme
with an eye on consistency and complexity


Having served a
wide range of enterprises
it only makes us easier to work with.

Chart Growth

Raise capital, achieve higher
conversion ratio

Industry standard

Always in tune with the latest
trends, adhering to
industry’s best practices


A Pitch deck persuades whereas a corporate presentation informs. A pitch deck is designed to seek investment whereas a corporate presentation puts forward a ritualized introduction about your business practices, products or services. The difference is in the context.
Any printed document to get a thorough business understanding of your organization, product, services along with the mission, vision and financial projections. In addition to it, a brief interaction with key stake holders at your company for creative briefing and brainstorming.
We send you a questionnaire in relation to the business understanding. You fill it up and return us the same. Based on the answers provided, we shall move ahead with the project and design the deck.
Post order confirmation, you can choose between various processing times: Super service (7 working days), Standard Service (12 working days) are currently our available packages.
A standard Pitch deck contains 12-17 slides. At Pitch Deck & Beyond, the number varies in between the two, depending on the scope and nature of the project.
After the first one or two slides, our designers will get back to you to ask for your feedback. If you are not satisfied with the design, we will then redesign the entire presentation in the desired style. Two design revisions are always included in the price.
Yes. Copyright and information security are the top priority at Pitch Deck & Beyond. No project moves ahead without both the parties agreeing to a non-disclosing agreement(NDA).
The approval of which initiates the process.
A down payment is due at the beginning of the order, and the remaining balance is to be paid after final approval of the design.
You can pay for our services through cheque or online banking options(it's easier for you too)
Designing Pitch Deck is not rocket science. But allocating resources, time and money for the same is definitely one. This is where we come in. Our business model is quite flexible as you can outsource our consultants as and when needed. We are a team of experienced presentation designers with expertise is marketing and communication. As a result, our customers can save time when creating presentations and concentrate on key tasks like briefing or feedback sessions.



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Whether you are a Start-up, mid-sized enterprise or a business conglomerate, we help you design Presentations and Marketing collaterals of all shape and sizes. Even if you are considering re-designs of your existing collaterals, we can help you out.

Share your business story over a cup of coffee or with a call. Either way, its quick, easy, and reliable

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